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How can i make something like this in Godot?

Link: http://phrogz.net/tmp/canvas_zoom_to_cursor.html

Pan: Drag with mouse
Zoom: Use mouse wheel or click (and shift-click). Zoom will zoom at to mouse position.

I have spend more than 7 hours to make something similar in Godot. I'm stuck. Please help. Thanks.


asked Aug 1, 2019 in Engine by MikaelT (15 points)

What code do you have so far?

In my 3rd try, I started a new project, so any existing code did not "blur" my hunt for a solution.

Here is the code:

extends Node2D

var zoom = 1
var p1 = 0

func _ready():

func _process(delta):
    $Label.text = "Zoom: "+str(zoom)+" Mouse: "+str(get_global_mouse_position()) + "    Local: " + str(get_local_mouse_position())+ \
        "\nPos: "+str(position) + \
        "\nSpr:"+str($Sprite9.position) + \
        "\nP1: "+str(p1)

func _input(event):
    if Input.is_action_just_pressed("cam_zoom_in"):
    if Input.is_action_just_pressed("cam_zoom_out"):
    if Input.is_action_just_pressed("test"): 
        zoom = 1

func AdjustZoom(amount):
    zoom += amount

    $Sprite9.position = get_local_mouse_position()

    var local = get_local_mouse_position()
    if (amount != 0):
        p1 = (1-zoom)*get_local_mouse_position()
    print("->zoom: "+str(zoom)+ " ("+str(amount)+")")
    position = p1

    scale.x = zoom
    scale.y = zoom

static func IsEqual(a, b, epsilon = 0.00001):
    return abs(a - b) <= epsilon

Right-Click and select "Show Image" to see screenshot of running project

Right-Click and select "Show Image" to see screenshot of project

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I have written an article on that: check here
Use the the version for Godot 3.

answered Aug 1, 2019 by BraindeadBZH (1,020 points)
selected Aug 4, 2019 by MikaelT

Thanks. Looks perfect!

I will check it out tomorrow (I'm traveling today).


Great script!

You have saved me hours of work.

Please tell me how I can thank you. Perhaps a cup of coffee? :-)


Don't worry, help is provided for free here, we just ask that you help others whenever possible.

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