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Tested with a simple project I am doing, as well as in the Platformer demo.
They are both set to the default Godot 60FPS and play very fluid, as expected.
But if I remove the electricity cable from the laptop, Godot instantly goes to 30FPS, even on high performance battery settings.

Is this suppose to happen?
Does it also happens in other engines?

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Did you tried to unplug the cable while the game is running?

Does it also happens in other engines?

I think you should answer for this.

Yes, the same happens when I tried to unplug the cable while the game is running.

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Isn't this a common issue with power management? I've tested on my laptop and had no issues. I'm assuming on a low end laptop could potentially see differences in performance with it's minute different power settings. You should check it's advance power settings if you are on Windows. Both high performance "on battery" and "plugged in" still carry some differences.

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I checked more advanced options. There is an option to reduce the minimum processor state when unplugged. I set it to be the same as when plugged... and the same happens.
I didn't see any more relevant options that were different.

Using power save mode, plugged, gets 60 FPS.

As for the laptop I am testing, it is from last year. It has an Intel core i7 2.5Gh. I think it might have 2 graphic cards, an Intel and a nVidia.

If that's the case the 2nd option would be tweaking the Nvidia Control Panel.

NVIDIA CP > Manage 3D Settings > Global Settings > Power Management > Prefer Max Performance. Then Apply, and then try running on battery.

I just tried your suggestion (+ setting the minimum processor state to maximum in the battery settings), and the situation is the same.
I searched in pc forums, and looks like it's just like that for many laptops. Some will allow 60FPS changing the nVidia settings, others look like not.
So if it's laptop related it's ok. I would be worried if it was a Godot issue.

There is a tool by Nvidia that limits the frame rate when you unplug the power. If this happens with other applications/games as well it sounds like it's running on your laptop.
EDIT: I just saw that the tool isn't an official NVidia tool but it's licensed by my laptop manufacturer (it's a one of the Clevo notebooks by the german manufacturer Schenker mySN). That makes it less likely that you have the same tool on your laptop, but it's still possible that you have a similar one.

Thanks! Maybe the laptop in which I'm making the game also has something like.
When I have time I will try some retail games or other game engines just to compare.

Just to make an update: I found another nVidia settings place (GeForce Experience Panel->Preferences->Battery), where the user can set the FPS when laptop is unplugged

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