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Where can I find a dynamic font files for download for my label files. Where can I also change the font for labels?

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You first need to create a dynamic font from another type of font file (.ttf or .otf, you can google for these kinds of fonts)

In Godot, click on the "Create a new resource" button in the top-right corner:
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Search for and select "Dynamic font", and click "Create"

This will open your new font in the inspector. Click on "Font", and it will show you an area (Font Data) where you can load in your .ttf or otf file.
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Be sure to click the "Object Properties" button, which gives you the option to save your font to a file.
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On your label, if you scroll down in the Inspector, there is a section for Custom Font. Expand this section, and you should be able to select your new Dynamic Font that you just created.
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Where can I get a font file to load?

You can download one from here https://fonts.google.com/

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