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Hi guys.I asked the same question and on reddit.

I created with the terminal a release keystore.

At Export->Keystore i filled all the fields very carefully about the Release, Release User and the Release Password.

When i exported my game on the android device (Export With Debug ->Disabled) i take the message : The application can't be installed.

So i decided to use the old way to see what is the wrong. So, i opened the terminal and i used the following code:

C:\Users\user\Sdk\platform-tools>adb install -r Appname.apk and i received the following error:


I know that this error is about the Armiabi -v 7a or something like that. So , i did different combinations about the Armiabi -v 7a , Arm 64 -v 8a , X 86 , X86 64 in the Godot Arcitectures but still nothing.

Any idea please?

Thank you.

asked Jul 27 in Projects by Nick888 (197 points)

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