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I'm actually working on a new project, it would be a kind of "open world" in 2D. For the graphics I'll be working on a big drawing using Inkscape.
My question is: Is it better to export it as a TileMap (where every tile will be a unique big tile , 1000x1000 pix for example) or use a unique png for the entire game (or to separate it in X zones)? I think the first option is the best but I don't know which will be the most appropriate using Godot.
Or is there a better option to do this?

Thanks in advance for your time.


asked Jul 27 in Projects by MarkKrowd (12 points)

For versatility, I would have big tilemaps for whatever places you want. While you can have a giant tilemap for the whole thing, it will be harder to change your graphics later on.

Just so you know, the largest tile size you can have currently is 256x256 pixels

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