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To the left of the IDE in Godot scripts are highlighted in range of color from blue to red. What does this represent?

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it's a scale of "heat" red is the "hottest" script or help page, the last you clicked, and the "most blue" is the "colder" the last you accessed. So get's easier to see what scripts you are working with(for me) i play with this too because i'm silly :D

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Thats actually a really cool feature. Thanks for the info! =D I had all manner of complicated craziness as to what it meant going through my head and finally got to the point where I had to ask lol.

no problem, i'm really a crazy person
put this in a script

then select one of the "-" or many and see godot draw some patterns... i'm really crazy XO lol

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It's called 'Script Temperature' and gives a color indication of which scripts you have worked on most recently (hot) and least recently (cold). The colors are adjustable in menu Settings->Editor Settings->Text Editor

script temperature settings

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