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Hi I am looking for a way to create a character selector, do you know how can I do that, i cant solve it, thanks

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You may want to start by telling us more precisely what your problem is. Also what is your character selector supposed to look like?
If you just want any character selector then you could simply create a scene with four buttons with the names of the characters on it.

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Probably the best way to do this would be a state machine. A node would record use of the left or right arrow keys to increment or decrement variable. This variable would define what character is selected. A display could toggle between different textures to show which character is active. Then, all you have to do is pop that same variable into your sceneLoad.gd (or whatever you've named it) and fire up another node to pull a new character based on that value. Really simple actually. If you would like, i can make a demo for you next week, but i'd rather not. :/

Hope this works out for you-


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thanks, that is really helpful, I can do that :D

Can you made the demo for me, please?

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