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I recently copied a folder containing a scene i had edited on another computer into one of my projects. The game runs fine and nothing reports any errors, but now whenever I load the project things break. Scrolling in the IDE no longer works, the editor refuses to close and I must kill it from the terminal, tooltips stop working among other things. The most frustrating among these issues is the scrolling not working. These problems don't happen when loading any other project, just this one.

Here's what I've tried:
Copying the game folder to a new location and importing it into godot
Moving the folder that I originally moved into the game's directory out of it
running godot from the command line (nothing unusual prints)

If anyone has any idea what's causing all of this that would be great

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Are the two computers in which you edited the project different, e.g. ones a laptop while the other is a desktop computer? That could be the problem. Another reason could be different versions of the engine, such as versions 3.1 and 3.1.1, or the normal version of the engine vs. the Mono version.

The computer I took the new folder from was a laptop. I moved it onto a desktop. Both run the same linux distribution and run the build of godot from its repository, so they have the same version. I was able to work around the issue by creating a new project and copying everything from the old project except for the folder I moved between the projects, the .import folder and the project.godot file, but deleting these files from the project with the issues did not fix it.

Maybe regenerating the ".import" file will fix the issue?

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