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I am making a platformer and i created a large class tree based on kinematic body for my enemies, player, and general objects, thinking if i wanted advanced physics i could simply use RigidBody2d and they would interact properly. However, the rigid body reacts to the kinematic body , but the kinematic body does not react to the rigid body, meaning the kinematic body will pass through the rigid body and the rigid body will glitch out. This makes sense, but this means in order to interact with rigid body the way i want, i must either write physics interactions for the kinematic body, or rewrite my tree based on rigidbody2D on kinematic mode and write code for kinematic body-specific functions, like isonfloor(). Is there some sort of library out there that implements all of the helpful kinematic body functions that rigid body doesn't have, or some sort of code that i can implement for physics interactions with kinematic body? Or is there a better way? It seems pretty stupid that i would need to do either of these, so i expect there is a better way, or Godot needs some more work in this area.

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