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So, I realised some Godot games have some scripts where extends SomeNode doesn't appear and I wanted to know what difference does it make when instancing those scripts (extend vs. doesn't extend).

Now, another question related to that one: what if I use add_child() with a script that doesn't extend anything?



extends Node

var b = preload("res://b.gd").new()
var c = preload("res://c.gd").new()

func _ready():


func somefunc():
    print("I'm b!")


extends Node

var somevar = 123

func somefunc():
    print("I'm c!")
asked Jul 23, 2019 in Engine by JulioYagami (636 points)
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Sorry, probably for you English is difficult, but your question is not clear. Can you rewrite it? With more details?

That's rewritten.

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Thanks for the effort, it is way clearer now.

In Godot a script equal a class. When a script does not extend anything simply mean that it is a class which inherit from nothing.

To be able to add a script with add_child, the script has to extend Node (or one of the sublclasses, i.e. all the classes available when you click "Add Node").

answered Jul 24, 2019 by BraindeadBZH (1,020 points)
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What if I instance a script and the node I instanced it from is freed?

A node always destroy all its children. If you want your instance to stay across multiple scenes, look for singleton.

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