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So, I'm part of Windows Insider and never had problems with Godot; but today after an update of Windows, It's not possile to run Godot (3.1 version) anymore.
Every time, Godot runs like 2 minutes and crash Windows with a Driver Power State Failure and Green Screen of Death (yep, Windows changed the color of BSOD).

The curious case is that when I run Godot by Steam App, things keep working properly.

I don't know why or how to solve it, just reporting this strange behaviour: I'm using Godot in Steam and it's ok; but when I use Godot with exe. keep killing my PC.

Tested a bunch of another softwares and nothing had problems, tried to re-download Godot and there is no solution. So, this is the reason that i think it's a Win > Godot compatibility problem.

edit 07/22/19: Now, Steam Godot is crashing too; it more stable than exe., it's possible to use maybe half hour before crashes, but at any moment Steam Godot will crashes.

UPDATE 07/23/2019:
Apparently, Godot is now running ok again.
It was a driver incompatibility with Windows / Nvidia drivers.
Nvidia updated drivers and at least for now everything is stable.

Any user had this issue?

asked Jul 20, 2019 in Engine by lucasfazzi (156 points)
edited Jul 23, 2019 by lucasfazzi

Maybe a firewall issue? Steam is enabled, but maybe Godot isn't.

Good point; when I re-downloaded the Godot.exe and put to run, a pop-up Firewall screen appeared, but I checked and allow it and the issue persisted.
But maybe a conflict is occuring even checking this pop-up.

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