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So, I'm part of Windows Insider and never had problems with Godot; but today after an update of Windows, It's not possile to run Godot (3.1 version) anymore.
Every time, Godot runs like 2 minutes and crash Windows with a Driver Power State Failure and Green Screen of Death (yep, Windows changed the color of BSOD).

The curious case is that when I run Godot by Steam App, things keep working properly.

I don't know why or how to solve it, just reporting this strange behaviour: I'm using Godot in Steam and it's ok; but when I use Godot with exe. keep killing my PC.

Tested a bunch of another softwares and nothing had problems, tried to re-download Godot and there is no solution. So, this is the reason that i think it's a Win > Godot compatibility problem.

edit 07/22/19: Now, Steam Godot is crashing too; it more stable than exe., it's possible to use maybe half hour before crashes, but at any moment Steam Godot will crashes.

UPDATE 07/23/2019:
Apparently, Godot is now running ok again.
It was a driver incompatibility with Windows / Nvidia drivers.
Nvidia updated drivers and at least for now everything is stable.

Any user had this issue?

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Maybe a firewall issue? Steam is enabled, but maybe Godot isn't.

Good point; when I re-downloaded the Godot.exe and put to run, a pop-up Firewall screen appeared, but I checked and allow it and the issue persisted.
But maybe a conflict is occuring even checking this pop-up.

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