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Hi guys.

I finished my game and i am ready to publish it on google play. But first i want testing the advertisments. I have 4 questions:

1)If i create an account on Admod and testing the advertisments, then i have a dead-line to publish my game or i can to do it the moment i want .

2) The Sample ad unit ID of the Test Ads is only to test the advertisments or at the same time you can use this and for the real advertisments when you will publish a game. I mean, if i download the Ad formats for banners for example, at the same time i am covered about the real advertisments issue when i publish my game and i am sure that the banners will appear on users devices?

3)If i want the banners appearing at a specific scene, i have to syntax the code about advertisments in the script of this specific scene?

4) I have already a debug keystore and my game plays totally ok on other adnroid devices. Now i have to create and a release keystore. Is the a tutorial for this?

Thank you guys and i am sorry about my english. I hope the questions don't sound silly?

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1) No deadline as far as i know. You will have to wait for game to get approved for play store though most likely.
2) You just swap out the ID for the one provided to you when you set up you ads on admob
3) You would need to follow instructions for whaichever module you are using. but most likely there is a showBanner() function or similar
4) It's iterally right there

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Thank you very much.

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