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I want to start my journey with 3D in Godot and I want to design my own assets. Can you recommend any software out there? Also, as for place holders, is there a 3D asset store for free for Godot? Thanks a lot!

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For asset creation Blender is by far the best choice. It is free and open source and it recently got an overhaul which made it even better. There are also tons of tutorials on how to use it. Check it out here.

As for ready-made 3d content, a simple online search yields quite a few options, such as https://free3d.com/
There are numerous free assets out there. You should be able to find what fits your needs best.

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Great thanks! :)

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One of the best websites to get free 3d models for Godot is Sketchfab. Check the website and share your thoughts.

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