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Good afternoon
My name is Elias aI am in the process of creating my first project, and after having seen videos and read about your system I have decided to write them directly so that you can help me with your opinion

The key points would be the following
-I can not be scheduled and it's my first project
- It would be a game without "real time" type of decisions, events, management, characters (as examples: king of dragon path, and a soccer manager with many menus where to touch options that produce different results)

What is your opinion? Greetings and thanks for your time.

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One of the important things to do is figure out the player experience you want to create. the rest of your ideas will need to go around that.

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The hardest thing in getting into this kind of game design is that it is very easy to start planing all the cool little details and stats that can be added, forgetting about getting a strong core game loop, a task the played can do over and over throughout the entire game. You might get a feel for what that core mechanic could be by going through your vision in your fantasy and slowly translate one part at a time into code. But don't stay in planing mode too long or you will never get out of it. Some say letting other people test the idea as often as possible it key, some others say you just have to make something for you yourself to enjoy and others will share that joy. It will take a few tries to get anywhere at all, sometimes many tries and fails, but getting back at the same problem after even just a short break, doing something else will have great benefits. I am sure you can do this.

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