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New to GDScript, I want to make a 3D object follow the mouse on one axis.
I've searched for a while now and really can't find any answers so I'm asking here. Thank you!

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If by follow, you mean to to it's position, you gotta use navigation. I won't describe that, read the documentation about it. As for getting the position of the cursor in 3d, you gotta raycast from the camera. I advise you to read up about recasting for that

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not sure how correct this is but this is how I did it, was only trying to map x axis

func _input(event):
    if event is InputEventMouseMotion:
        var mouse_position = get_viewport().get_mouse_position()
        var new_pos = self.get_viewport().get_camera().project_position(mouse_position, self.translation.y)
        move_and_collide(Vector3(new_pos.x-self.translation.x, 0, 0))
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