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Get an int from the user and output it.

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This is nowhere near the original question

Hi, sorry about that, I tried to simplify my ask.
I had some problems in my error checking too.
I got the correct int input once I fixed my conditional operators..
I ended up using stepify to round the float to 2 decimal places.
I got everything working.
Thanks for the feedback.

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 func _on_CalcResult_pressed():
    # Get input from node
        QTY = int(get_node("../UI/QTY").text)
        # print output as int
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var value_float = rand_range(0, 10) # random float between 0 and 10
var value_int = randi() % 11 # random in between 0 and 10

to specify a range for the int version you could use a function like:

func rand_int(_min, _max):
    return (randi() % (_max + 1 - _min)) + _min
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Thanks, however I am not looking to randomize anything here.

I wish to get input from the user and output it.

I solved the problem and provide the solution.

Not sure what is going on with all the down votes, but anyways... Maybe you could try using the stepify function: https://docs.godotengine.org/en/3.1/classes/[email protected]#class-gdscript-method-stepify

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