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I would like to write a plugin for Godot, which adds a new type.

I already wrote this type in a scene called LivePlot.tscn. It is a simple scene with multiple subnodes and a script LivePlot.gd attached to the root node. I then looked into how to write plugins. I followed the official tutorial for a plugin which adds a custom node (this seemed to be very similar to what I want).

My settup in res://addons/LivePlot/ is now as follows:

  • a plugin.cfg with the line script="add_LivePlot_as_a_new_type.gd" in it.
  • the add_LivePlot_as_a_new_type.gd script which effectifly is these 6 lines:

    extends EditorPlugin
    func _enter_tree():
        add_custom_type("LivePlot", "Node2D", preload("LivePlot.gd"), preload("icon.svg"))
    func _exit_tree():
  • the icon.svg

  • the LivePlot.tscn and LivePlot.gd. The later has a function _enter_tree(): pass which does nothing, but without it nothing seems to work at all.

After enabling the plugin I can now add a new node, but it is just a node which doesn't have the scene LivePlot.tscn attached to it, only the script. This is not suprising, I never told the plugin about the scene file. But how can I do that?

The official tutorial doesn't mention how to add a scene. I also don't want the user to have access to the internal script LivePlot.gd (the user shouldn't have to bother with that, if they want they can check the source).

How can I add a custom scene as a new type in a plugin?

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I am trying to create the same things like you :)

Did you find a solution?

I am also trying to do the same thing. Do either of you find out how to do it?

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