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I'm fairly new to Godot (coming from Unity) and was confused when nothing in the editor seemed to display tooltips. Some quick research indicates that this has been a problem in the past, but that it was supposedly fixed in the 3.1.1 release.

Unfortunately, that's not the case for me. I'm using a fresh 3.1.1 (stable, official, Windows 64-bit standard) installation (no upgrades involved) and I simply don't have any tooltips in the editor.

Any advice?


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I do have tooltips. For example, in the 3D view, put the mouse over the select button (mouse icon). You don't have one on it?

@Zylann - Correct, I don't have any tooltips, anywhere in Godot. I know it has them, as I see them in tutorial videos all the time. For whatever reason, they just don't work here - which makes learning the editor more of a challenge.

Maybe you should report an issue on Github, it's really strange that this happens on your side only with the same version.

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As I noted in the github ticket mentioned above...

I cloned the master branch and built the debug and release_debug targets for both 32 and 64-bit platforms. All of resulting exe's have functional tooltips. So, I guess whatever is causing the issue in the official 3.1.1 build has been fixed in master.

So, I assume this will not be a problem in the next official build.

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Having the same issue with both official 3.1.1 and 3.1.2. On Windows 10.

EDIT: A reboot fixed it for me.


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I had the same issue - new, empty project on a new install of Godot_v3.2.1-stable_mono_win64 and no tooltips were shown anywhere in Godot.

I solved my issue by closing a game I had running in the background.

Placing this here to help anyone else with the same issue.

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