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Is there a way to add text to a texture button node like the regular button node? and how can I scale a texture button node to the same scale as the vBoxContainer node?

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Well, TextureButtons use images instead of text, hence the name ^^
But of course you can always add a label on top of it.

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I figured that would be the only way. . . maybe later it can become more like the default button node. . .
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If you will be using a lot of that kind of buttons it might be good idea to create custom skin You can just change texture and font of button, no need to skin all gui controls

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To scale the button, you can try:

extends TextureButton

func _ready(): set_texture_scale(Vector2(get_rect().size.x/get_minimum_size().x, get_rect().size.y/get_minimum_size().y))

As long as the texture button is set to fill so the rect will stretch as far as the vbox.

Well that code works for me anyways...
I made an issue about this a while back, you're welcome to chip-in.

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Indeed there seems to be a minor bug (or feature) that prevents  distorting the texture via manually resizing the TextureButton.
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