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I am new to godot and try to create an online sever using Amazon EC2(Microsoft Windows Server 2019)

However, Amazon EC2 free tier doesn't have opengl support so when I export my server project( which only has an empty sever node and a server.gd and an auto -loaded network.gd which only use for create server using NetworkedMultiplayerENet) and run the exe file, it shows "Your video card driver does not support any of the supported OpenGL version."

Is there any way that I can export an exe that do not require openGL? or is there any free online platform that can run the project?

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Hello sir, how did you end up fixing it?

Hi, I just downloaded "Server" from the link in the answer and use Linux in Amazon EC2. But I forgot exactly how.

I think this tutorial may help

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You can download it here.

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