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Is there any case, a .png image creating different problems on the stucture of a project?

I noticed that when i added a specific .png (an image with a park bench) image in the stucture of my project then when i opened it ,it was not responding. When i deleted the image from the project folder then the project was responding normally again.

Thank you.

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Can you be more specific, what structure, nested, how much, how were the files added, did you have more than one program opening/using the files, or folders, what OS are you on? Give examples, show more information :-)

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Try opening and saving the PNG file with an image editor like GIMP. It could be that the file contains some weird metadata, causing Godot to freeze when importing it.

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You had right!
Thank you.

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I'd had no issues with .png, I have a few pngs in my project for the cursor, logo and splash screen.
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Actually checked even my textures are PNG, since I needed transparency. So ensure you are using the latest version of Godot, and your OS is up to date. I can't think of anything else.

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Thank you about your reply.
I use Godot 3.1 and my OS (Windows7-32 bit) is up to date.
I use also a lof of .png textures on my project but with this one specific texture (a park bench) i had this strange problem.

Anyways,thank you again.

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