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Having KinematicBody2D.

Tried to apply three types of movement to the object:

  1. Manipulate position directly
  2. moveandcollide
  3. moveandslide

Have anybody clue why im i getting jittery movement when i use physicsprocess and not when use the _process?
What implication i will have if i'm going to go with _process when the game is played on various devices?

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You may wanna check this out: Fixing jitter and stutter.

And try to adjust Physics > Common > Physics Jitter Fix in the Project Settings.

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Thank you, i have already read that article, sorry for not mention that in the question.
For the first time see this option Physics Jitter Fix, can you explain me how does it works?
There is already opened question:

There's not much documentation on this. So experiment with values and see what could fix the jittery.

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