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I have noticed that while my .apk is verified with jarsigner,nevertheless i get all the time this error on cmd:

ttt.apk: 1 file pushed. 5.0 MB/s (43459788 bytes in 8.276s)
pkg: /data/local/tmp/ttt.apk

To assume that .apk does not verified from android?
To assume that the android can't understand my .apk structure, so it says install parse failed no certificates even though all my objects in apk is certified by jarsigner?
To un-install and istall again the Android studio?

Any suggestions please?
Thank you.

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For me it failed because I had an asset file that contained a non ascii code character
(the umlaut ΓΌ in my case). Apparently this makes the signature process of android to fail at either signing or verifying.

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