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I cannot seem to change the TileMap's grid/cell size in Godot 3.1

steps to reproduce:
2d node, add a TileMap. In the TileMap Inspector, Mode is square.
Under Cell, set the x & y size to 16 (or whatever you want). Click on Tile Set in inspector and choose "New Tileset". Click it to get to the editor.
Now add your graphic with the '+' at the bottom.
A grid shows up that has nothing to do with the cell size I selected above.

Perhaps cell size has nothing to do with the grid in the TileSet? How do I change this grid? I can change cell size settings to anything I want and the grid in the TileSet does not change (tried deleting the graphic, re-adding, deleting the TileSet then changing the cell size then re-adding. Nothing seems to change the grid/cell size in the TileSet editor. Help!

Also, is there anyway to include a grid offset? Gutter between the tiles?

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Okay, apparently the actually cell size etc. things only become available AFTER you click and select a cell at the wrong size.
It all appears in the inspector after you select something.
Not sure why it isn't there as soon as you go into the editor, but it does show up.

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