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When I install the apk on my phone (S8) it says " App not installed"
when I try to use the android little icon from godot nothing happen, it just says "please wait..."
adb, jarsigner and keystore all there
I exported the same app using windows worked fine no problems ( installing the apk or from godot directly)
I'm using godot 3.1.1 ( maybe the version of the export template is wrong ??? but I used the one from the godot.org)
Could anybody give me a hint or direction to follow, thx

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1) If you try with android little icon, first open the project and then connect the cable. Also, the USB debugging in each case must be enable.

2) There is and an other way:
a) Copy and paste your .apk file in platfom-tools.
b)Connect your android device at your PC.
c)Then,open the CMD and write the path where the .apk file is located.
For example:C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\bin\platform-tools>
Then write this C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\bin\platform-tools>adb install -r nameofapk_file.apk and wait for the installation.

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Find the problem:
Simply I used my own keystone but left the keystone user and password as default

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