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I'm trying to connect by code a custom signal from the Main node to a child.

I tried this:


but it doesn't seem to work.

It works when I connect the signal manually from the engine, so what am I writing wrong?

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get_tree() returns the SceneTree, not whatever your Main node is. You need to get the node using get_node() and whatever the path to the node is.

You can use get_parent() to get the node's parent.

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I tried $ which is the same as get_node() or that's what I've read but it didn't work gave me an error about an invalid instance but get_parent() works thanks.

One more question what if it was the grandchild I would have to do: get_parent(get_parent()) is there a way to get the root node from wherever?

$ and get_node() are interchangeable, but if you want to go up a level, it would be get_node("..") or $"..". To go up multiple levels, you'd use get_node("../..") etc.

get_tree().root will get you the root viewport, so you can get your main node from that:

get_tree().root.get_node("Main") for example.

All this said, it's typically a bad idea to be going up the tree. It means you're not going to be able to move nodes around because they expect a fixed parent structure. It's much more flexible to call down the tree, and use signals if you need to go up.

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