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I'm getting this error when running my game on the web:

enter image description here

What does that mean? I searched on the documentation and didn't find anything.
It's working just fine on the desktop version.

I'm using the v3.1 stable.

asked Jun 21, 2019 in Engine by ZeBirosca (32 points)

Seems like an old version. I think the Output window had been removed from HTML5 export.
Have you downloaded the Export Templates for 3.1?

I'm using the latest version. I just changed the HTML template so I can see the debug console. And I'm also checkcing the "Export with Debug" option when exporting.

Dunno why this is happening, seems like you're the first to encounter this and post it online. BTW, you can see the errors without swapping the template by opening the Developer Console (F12 in Chrome).

Yeah, I guess I'll open an issue about this. Sometimes I also get an "Error 18".

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