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Hi, I was wondering if there was something similar to GameMaker Studios' surfaces.

Basically, I want a node (for example, blood) to be fly out from an object, and come to a halt. Then be drawn on the surface, delete the blood instance, but the surface still has the sprite on it (but it can't be moved or manipulated - it's just drawn once and stays there).

In GM:S surfaces were really easy to implement and efficient.

asked Jun 20, 2019 in Engine by twiggle (12 points)

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I guess you could use a viewport as a texture,

if you set the viewport so that it dont clean on every frame, you culd use it as a texture over the object you want to draw uppon (like the wall)

i'm not really sure that this is the best wayt to do it, but take a look at:


answered Jun 21, 2019 by robspsj (16 points)

Thanks, yeah I've been leaning towards viewports. Seems overkill, but it'll work for now

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