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I'm trying to save the player path as a variable, so I can instance it by code:

var player = load("res://scenes/Player/Player.tscn") as PackedScene

It works well at the godot editor, but crashes at the export for windows.

asked Jun 18 in Engine by Aryn (52 points)

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If that's all there is to it, I would suggest checking that the .tscn file or the folder is exactly the same upper/lower case. I have noticed that the editor is case-insensitive with resource paths, but builds are not.

answered Jun 18 by avencherus (4,574 points)

Yeah I checked this, but the problem wasn't it. But it's fixed now:

For some reason it worked after I just created another scene and make the player again, with the same resources and scripts. Now the problem is gone.

Thank you anyway :D

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