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Hi, for the use of a project I would like to create an extension of the type String (named Message) but I don't know how to do this. I know how to extends a Node but not a type and it doesn't seem to be as simply as "extends String" ;)

for example I would be able to do the following :

var msg : Message
msg = "GZKKI >IEKS"

var msg2 : Message
msg2 = msg.decode()

//msg2 = "HELLO WORLD"

where msg.decode is a method of the type message.

How to do this?

thanks in advance for your help !


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I think it's not possible. Although if you insist, you can extend Resource:

class_name Message
extends Resource

var value:String

func _init(value):
    self.value = value

func decode():
    var decoded = value
    # decoding
    return decoded


var msg:Message = Message('GZKKI >IEKS')
var msg2 = msg.decode()
print(msg2) # HELLO WORLD ???
msg.value = 'assign to other value'

Alternatively, you can write a static decode function:

class_name Decoder

static func decode(value:String):
    # decoding
    return decoded_value


print(Decoder.decode('GZKKI >IEKS')) # HELLO WORLD ???
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Thanks for your response. I would have prefer to avoid static decode funciton but I think I won't have the choice...

Thanks ! :)

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