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I've exported my project to HTML 5. I created a subdomain and separate site on my host just for my project. The files .html, .js, .pck, .png, and .wasm are in the root. I made .html the default document in IIS settings. I also added the mimetypes for .wasm and .pck. When I go to the site I see a progress bar. It gets about 75% of the way and then a popup says:

Could not load game data in path '.'. Is the .pck file missing?

Any ideas?

asked Jun 11, 2019 in Engine by DigitalMan (16 points)

Does it load on your local server?

Same error when I run using

python -m http.server

and view from localhost

My game loads normally on HTML5. Check if you're using the Export Template with the right version and update it. That caused a loading problem for me once.

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