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I have a very simple problem trying to change the animation based on a button I press.

Within my Node2d (SoldierRig) I have a few animations set on the AnimationPlayer. upon trying to simply change animations using the following command

func _on_TakeCoverButton_button_down():
$SoldierRig/AnimationPlayer.play = "Prone"

I expected the animation to change from "Running" to "Prone" but instead the game crashes and I get the error "Invalid set index 'play' (on base: 'AnimationPlayer') with value of type 'String'." Could someone please show me what's wrong with my syntax?

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The correct syntax is:


or in your case:

func _on_TakeCoverButton_button_down():

AnimationPlayer.play is a method, you call it with () not assign it with =.

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