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Umm, so I have noticed that sometimes rigid bodies and even static bodies will completely change shape and become corrupt when messed with during game-play or even when rotated using the inspector. Is this a bug (I am assuming it is but I don't know how to report a bug lol) if so does anyone know what is happening or how to report the bug?

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Looks like we report bugs here: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues

I'm about to myself on an issue.

You'll have to be a lot more specific. What does "messed with" mean? Do you have screenshots or examples of what you're talking about? A sample project with "corrupt" objects?

If you're new to Godot, it's a lot more likely that you're doing something wrong than that you've found a bug that would affect anyone using static or rigid bodies. People use them all the time.

Ok I will see if I can get pictures of it but to be more specific I had a bunch of rigid bodies on a platform with a gravity scale of 0 and when I rammed them with my kinematic character(it had a cube collision shape) the rigid bodies started folding in on them selves and stuff like they would change shape and stretch sort of this hard to describe lol and it also could be an optical illusion but I highly doubt that.

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By default KinematicBody's infinite_inertia property is true. This means that it will interact with rigid bodies in the way you saw. If you want to have rigid bodies (managed by the physics engine) and kinematic bodies (managed by you) interact reliably, you're going to have to disable that property and write some collision interaction code yourself.

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