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Preview: http://postimg.org/image/yqdo9h1hp/

Link to the stylesheet: http://pastebin.com/Sgq273yM

Best used with Stylish.

Firefox users: Click on Stylish addon icon, select "Write new style" and paste the contents of the stylesheet to the window. Click "Save".
Chrome users: Use Mozilla import tool for Stylish to get style to work with the browser.



  • Better Godot navbar logo


  • Recolored page selector
  • Button highlighting changed, small recolors for input and search bars for better readability. With this theme is pretty much completely done.


  • Inverted editor buttons to make them look good on dark background
  • Changed url-prefix to godotengine.org/qa since QA rolled out. Previous styles won't work without this change.
  • Added ripple effect on click on tag and profile picture in navbar.
  • Code prettied up, classes merged, stuff made smaller. So far nothing seems broken.
  • Some recolors for buttons in profile, profile pictures are now round everywhere.
  • Small fixes and recolors for other stuff I've missed.


  • Changed Godot logo to have maximum brightness. At least it looks fairly good on dark background now.
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This looks great!!!

It would be optimal if you could choose between a light and dark theme as a user. Or will there only be one?

For me the dark one looks much better than this right now.
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Thanks a lot for the new design.
I love it !
For all chrome (and other browsers) users:
You need to use the "Mozilla Format/ Import tool" (of the Stylish Plugin) to get the theme imported. (I didn't know that. And just pasting the style-sheet form pastebin doesn't work for chrome)

@Arc FutahIto
you maybe could change the color of the answer panel.
It's still white so it is hard read the text

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Yeah, I'll need to change up a couple of elements. It's WIP and I'm somewhat busy right now with personal stuff, but I'll be sure to post new version as soon as possible (right now I'm in the process of adding ripple animations on click for some buttons and optimizing code).
Also, that background shouldn't happen with any of input fields. Pretty sure Chrome overrides my rule for some reason but I'll try to fix it.
I now added this line to your .css file:
       background-color: #14171a;     

this works as a temporary fix...
I already like your theme far more than the standard one.
Well, QA now got domain change and, of course, I'm the last to know about it. I'll have to roll out the update with fixed url-prefix today.
Rolled out v.0.3
Looks really good!!
By the way I really like the logo without eyes.
There is a discussion on github where peopled showed some new Icon ideas.
They also were trying give it a more mature look. I think without eyes i think this is achieved by stealing hin his eyes and the logo still look very good. You may want to mention your logo there.
I guess I'll do that sometime tomorrow. After today's crunch and updating Godot theme I'm just done with anything that requires even minimal amount of effort (12 PM at my place)
One last change for today, I guess. Inverted editor buttons 90% and they look fairly good (a bit brown if you look closely, but I couldn't bother to guess the hue rotate property to nail the background perfectly. For now it'll work). Now I'm completely done for today.
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