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is it possible to load a video files(specifically, mpg and avi files) and play it?
tried to use VideoPlayer before, but I cant find out how to use it.

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I think Godot can play Theora videos (.ogv) but I never tried it yet.

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Godot can currently only decode Ogg Theora (file extension: .ogg or .ogv). Take a look at the VideoPlayer class.

You can encode videos for Ogg Theora using tools like FFmpeg.

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Note that there is also OS.native-video-play() that should play mp4 (and some others) on Android and iPad devices.

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If you only want to play fullscreen video with sound (and eventually subtitles), you can include ffplay from ffmpeg into a sub directory of your project, and run it using the OS.execute() function.

extends Control

var pid = null;

func _ready(): #{

func play(videopath): #{
    pid = OS.execute("bin/ffplay",["-autoexit", "-exitonkeydown", "-exitonmousedown", "-fs", videopath ],true); 

func _on_Play_pressed(): play("video/test.mp4");

According to my test, under Windows, specifying the .exe extension is not mandatory. This mean this code should work on all platforms.

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Thanks, this is a great workaround.

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