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I am creating a tileset for a 2D platformer in Godot v3.1, however, I seem to have run into something I'm not sure how to fix. I followed this github post on creating one and I managed to copy the bitmask exactly for my platformer tileset.

The issue: SLOPES!

Auto-tile working properly:
Without Stairs
Auto-tile not reacting to a different tile:
With Stairs

How would I get the auto-tile to react with other tiles (i.e. connect to the slope in this scenario)? Or at least control how the auto-tile works in specific scenarios. I assume adding it to the bitmask somehow would probably not work as then I couldn't control when a slope would appear or a one-high wall. Any ideas or workarounds?

The platform is an auto-tile and the slope is part of an atlas.

asked Jun 3 in Engine by MrGVSV (13 points)

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