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Alright, so essentially, I have an "orb" as a child of my player. I have two Position2D children of my player, labelled "rpos" and "lpos". When the cursor is to the right of the character, I want the orb to be in the position of rpos, and when the cursor is to the left of my character, I want the orb to be in the position of lpos. Here is my code:

var mpos

func _process(delta):
    mpos = get_viewport().get_mouse_position()
    if mpos.x >= 0:
        position = get_parent().get_node("r_pos").position
    if mpos.x < 0:
        position = get_parent().get_node("l_pos").position

For some reason, no matter where the mouse is, the orb is always in the position of r_pos. Could someone help me?

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mpos = get_parent().get_local_mouse_position()

This will give you the mouse position relative to the character instead of the viewport which is what you're getting.

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