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Hello Godot Community!

I am a total beginner in game making and know nothing about Godot yet. At the moment I'm considering a game engine choice, hence my question.

I'd like eventually to make a 2D game, in which level 1 is point and click adventure game like The Cat Lady (lots of talking and putting things in the inventory), level 2 is platformer just like the very first installment in Prince of Persia series (1989) and level 3 is beat/shoot'em up. All 3 levels are sidescrollers, so we always watch the characters side view, moving just left or right. Keyboard control.

And the question is: Is it possible to realize such a project with Godot? Are there any snippet codes, open source games and templates available to make things easier (not to re-invent the bike)? Any advice in that regard?

THANK YOU for understanding, kindness and friendly guidance!

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I'm tinkering with Godot for about three months, and I'm NOT a skilled program. But I can honestly say Godot is VERY powerful in terms of scrolling.

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Yes, totally!

You'll find some Godot games similar to your descriptions in the 2018 and 2019 showcase.

There's an official point-and-click game engine built upon Godot called Escoria which you might wanna look into.

Of course, there are tutorials and projects which are gonna help but for the sheer amount I cannot list them all but here's to get started:

From what you described, what I can see this is 3 games of different genres in one, that's high to take on, even for me with a few years messing around with game dev. As a total beginner, you got a lot ahead to learn. So my advice to you:

  • Divide and conquer.
  • Try to make these 3 different game genres in separate.
  • Prototype many point-and-click games.
  • Create a few platformer games.
  • Put together some beat-em-ups too.
  • Take part in game jams to work on these if you'd like.
  • When you think you got enough experience then start put all of these into this one game.
  • Keep going and don't give up!

Good luck! ;)

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