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I was looking at this question

It has some links that are bad and I can't seem to find the pickable option in collisionshape in 3d. Does this exist still and how would I get an on mouse enter and exit from hovering over a 3d object with the mouse cursor?

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I figured it out in area there's input ray pickable. I was looking in the collisionshap instead of area.

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Pickable still exists, it's under the CollisionObject category in the inspector.
The answer you linked is still more or less the same, just a few variables have changed and the input API too.

Once you made the node pickable, you can use the mouse_entered and mouse_exited signals.

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I found a CollisionObject2d is there a 3d equivalent?

CollisionObject is the 3D equivalent of CollisionObject2D. Almost all 3D physics nodes inherit from it.

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