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I am just started getting into particle effects.
I am using CPU Particles and GLES2 on Godot 3.1.1 stable.

For my project I am trying to create an effect, where a plane is casting some dust, a little like this effect, but permanently and a little less prominent:

enter image description here

This is what I got so far:
enter image description here

This already goes in the right direction, the effect doesn't need to be changed completely.
I'm just looking for any tips on how to improve this.
I uploaded this project to git:

My main concern would be to get rid of the artefacts on the ground.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm new to Godot. But the artifacts on the ground seem to be just because the dust is a sprite that's crossing the ground. Suggestion? Make sure the dust Z position doesn't go below the ground. Alternatively, if the dust is reaching the ground, you can try scale the particles higher horizontally and lower vertically (i.e.: squash them).

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I guess you mean the y position, don't you?
If I move the Y position above the ground I have the particles just popping in, which looks even worse.

How would I squish them on spawning?

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enter image description here

CPUParticle > Drawing > Mesh > Material > Proximity Fade > Enable ON

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