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Hi I wanted to know how to avoid the rendering problems for sprites made using inkscape and then exported in .png format. I export the sprites in separate parts like a hand is exported in arm, forearm, palm. Then eyebrows are separate. Eyes are separate. Eyeballs are separate. I exported everything separately for more flexibility in animation and so more parts are recolorable. But if separating is the problem then maybe I can find a way to put a few things in just one .png image instead of many .png images for the different body parts.

Any advice will be appreciated as this is a major problem for me and I don't know what is causing it or how to solve it.

These are the pictures for better understanding in what I mean.
In the first picture the white part(Iris) inside the eyeball is sometimes shrunk or just missing. The eyebrow for one eye gets lighter sometimes and looks weird.
In the second and third picture you can see the eyebrow sometimes goes missing. The white Iris also becomes visible then invisible as the sprite moves.
Another problem that I don't have pictures for at the moment is that when I scale the window size of the game using window's interface the tiles in the footpath also becomes blurry.

I hope someone can tell me what to do to solve this. Turning filter off only makes it worse makes the whole thing badly pixelated on top of the exisiting problems.


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I'm checking out GDQuest's videos on screensize and resolution. Hopefully it can give me an understanding on how to solve it.

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