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So I have been trying to load up some Spine animations on godot, and found this module, it doesn't seem to have been updated in a while, but it works after some changes, so I've decided to make myself the fixes I need on it to be able to use, the thing that I'm trying to work now it's the Blend Modes. I have noticed that the module itself had that supported on godot 2.x, but after some engine refactor/improvement it lost that feature, (it's commented on the code), after some time fiddling with the engine I'm still don't figure it out, I noticed that there was a way of changing the blend mode using the RID on the VisualServer using the method material_set_blend_mode,
There is anyone who would happen to have a easy work around, or that know how this call would be done in the current 3.1 version ?

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I am also interested in this issue

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