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as I'm working with a point-and-click game project which assets are all 2D I'd like to know which way is most suitable.

Is it sensible to implement a grid movement (not isometric nor top-down grid) which is somehow translated into 3D plane, but still under 2D scene? Or do people start straight away in 3D scene where the plane is already in 3D and just position the player, objects etc. on 3D coordinate system?

What I have thought about for this illusional 3D character movement in 2D scene is as follows:

Make the speed and scale of a player character to correspond to y axis to create this illusion of moving far away and close to the default 2D camera. However I still don't know how to make character step one grid cell at a time on this illusional 3D grid. That is, step one cell on 2D top-down grid space and somehow translate it to a different angle which can be different depending on a background picture (perspective).

Can someone suggest whether it's advisable in 2D scene and some easy example maybe or it's better to switch to 3D scene right away?

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