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I have a scene with just a RichTextLabel inside a Node2D. I'm trying to implement a scrolling textbox but it seems the entire window cannot grab the focus. This scene is inside a big project so I tried to reproduce the issue inside a new project with just that scene. On the new project it works and i couldn't reproduce the issue.

I noticed that if I make the RichTextLabel grab the focus programmaticaly I'm able to scroll but just with the keyboard.

I suspect it's a matter of project settings. Is there some settings that prevents controls from getting the focus?

Do you have any hint on how I could debug this?

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When you wrote, "it seems the entire window cannot grab the focus", are you referring to the window in which the game is being displayed?

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I figured it out. I was autoloading another scene with a canvas layer above the previous one and there was an hidden control on top of everything preventing below controls to take the focus.

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