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Hello Godot community,

I started working with the Drag&Drop built in functionality in Godot.
I got familiarized with


My question is, is there an event for dropping data elsewhere (I mean by elsewhere, in a zone where the drop_data is not expected), once it's dragged ?

Here is my issue:
I have objects which can exist in 2 containers, these objects implement the drag code:

func get_drag_data(pos):
   ## Preview code here ##
   return self

I hide the object to give this impression that we picked it up and it's being dragged

The containers (receivers) implement the drop code:

func can_drop_data(pos, data):
    return true

func drop_data(pos, data):

Once dropped, I remove it from the parent, I render it and I add it to the target.

This works perfectly, the only problem is when I drop it elsewhere, I lose the drop event and my object stays in a hidden status in the source.
I would like to show() it back if the drop happens in a zone where it's not expected.

Thank you for your help.

asked May 20 in Engine by Seli (17 points)
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I didn't find anything in Godot documentation, any ideas ?

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I solved this issue in C# by having a static CurrentDrag object and calling Show() if it not null and set it as null whenever a mouse release is triggered. A similar method should work for you on GDScript!

answered Sep 27 by JustinSJ (14 points)
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