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Hello there,

I'm trying to use softbody to simulate long hair for one of my characters, so I created the mesh in Blender and converted to softbody in Godot. The problem is fixing the pinpoints of the scalp on characters head is a real nightmare because it has to be marked one by one. Shift + Selection does not have any effect.

Do you guys know a more efficient way for fixing the softbodies pinpoints? That interface full of dots and delayed selection is really awful. :-(
(I love Godot, by the way, please, developers, don't take this critique personal, but as suggestion of something that maybe you should consider improving)

Another thing I've been wondering of is to use hair strand meshes without any texture, but different materials to each one to give an impression of hair, instead of a single mesh of the whole scalp. Do you think this is an efficient approach regarding performance? Should I use multimeshInstance to instanciate those hair strands?

Thank you in advance.

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