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So I just looked at issue #7986 on the github. About changing slave to puppet. I do not like this idea of political correctness being invaded into Godot. Master/Slave is the standard. The idea that the keyword slave would effect some one is ridiculous. There is no need to change the keyword outside of pleasing pipsqueaks that are "more holier than thou".

I'm okay with it being an optional word, but I know that's no going to last. I would advise not giving into this crowd. As we risk dividing our group into a matter of left-right politics. Can you imagine some one forking the project, entirely for political purposes?

asked May 17 in Gossip by lavaduder (261 points)

As an engineer at a distributed systems corporation:

"Master/slave" has been dis-preferred nomenclature for a long time, and definitely is no longer the standard with new software.

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I agree that people should always take responsibility for their own reactions/emotional states regarding to anything. I've seen the discussion on IRC channel about this, and it literally took some real effort to come up with puppet keyword. :)

At the same time, if we try to change the world (engine) to suite our own needs instead of ourselves (projects) we'll end up in the same trap, so have to accept this and code on.

answered May 17 by Xrayez (1,161 points)
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Many people are offended by the word SLAVERY. its sad

answered Jul 12 by Dooowy. (216 points)
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