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Is there any way to alter the playback speed of an audio or can it be supported for next versions?

asked May 16, 2019 in Engine by leonardo (33 points)

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As far as I know, there is no build-in easy option to manipulate the speed of audio playing in Godot right now. It could be possible to manipulate setmixrate property of AudioStreamSample in code, so it would influence the pitch and speed of audio, but I can imagine it's not exactly what you are looking for.

answered May 16, 2019 by Freeman (709 points)
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The playback speed of an audio is the Pitch Scale or pitch_scale in AudioStreamPlayer
Changing the playback speed means also changing the pitch:

  • Speeding up = Higher pitch (chipmunk-like)
  • Slowing down = Lower pitch (demon-like)

To counter this, you may wanna add a Pitch Shift effect to your audio bus.

answered May 16, 2019 by Dlean Jeans (3,915 points)
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