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Hello Godot community,

Below is the structure I'm having :
------> Area2D
------------> TextureRect
------------> CollisionShape2D

When I connect the inputevent signal of my node Aread 2D to the main gd script (in the same scene), the follow code is not working :

func _on_DominoePieceA2D_input_event(viewport, event, shape_idx):
    if (event is InputEventScreenTouch):
        if (event.is_pressed()):

I do receive an event, but is_pressed returns false, moreover, it's not working when I export it on phone.
So I was wondering if the structure I'm having (control and Node2D) is a valid structure.

What I'm trying to do is having images in a container, I'm trying to perform a drag&drop/click on those in order to move them into another container, so if my implementation is not valid, I'm open for suggestions :).

Thank you for any help.

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Hi Seli,
I would recommend using Texturerects without Areas and collision-shapes. Areas are mostly for receiving information from other physics driven elements (like collisions or if a body enters). You can use gui_input(event) signal. You should also have a look at the GUI Drag and Drop Demo. If you have any further questions of how to use this tips feel free to ask.

Good luck. Jowan-Spooner

P.S. I don't know why what you do is not working and it's porbably not completely wrong and should somehow be possible, nevertheless the way I described above is more common for what you seem to try.

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